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How the System works - Body Scan

Recover Fast Clients are treated to eliminate the cause of their pain and discomfort using the Recover Fast System.

Body ScanThe Recover Fast system evaluates your current injury state in minutes by looking at your body as a whole. A body scan is conducted to determine the root cause of your symptoms. We then eliminate this cause and strengthen the area so that the problem never returns. You will be given an idea of the recovery time at your first treatment. Treatments are then scheduled based on your situation.  Normally, muscle related injuries that do not require surgery are alleviated within 10 treatments.

During the initial stages of analysis and treatment we begin by using the ARPwave™ to pinpoint the origin of the injury. We'll start by placing a pad on the area where the patient feels the most pain, and move the device around the tissues in order to find the "hot spot", which is the exact region of imbalance; this is the real source of the problem. On frequent occasion we find the real problem to be in a different area to that of the pain. Often the symptom that one feels is where the problem transferred to, not where it began.

The body is scanned for any injury zones and the primary cause of your aliment will be highlighted. Our system will also identify compensation patterns that relate to your injury and eliminate them; restoring precision movement.

The body will be balanced to ensure that all systems are performing at their optimum.

A tailored plan of action is put in place based on how quickly you need to recover.

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